"Raining fire in the sky..."

These are my first footsteps in what is truly “virgin ground” for me! I have neverbefore posted anything on the great and mysterious “WWW,” other than minor FaceBook comments.

“Sierrasoulfood” is basically no more than the philosophical ramblings of my mind, as I wander physically through my home mountains of the beautiful Sierra Nevadas.

I had originally planned to begin with a poetic, esoteric description of my home stompin’ grounds, but was derailed by a goat hunt. It does not have a happy ending….yet. My friend and I are still holding out hope that Odie may wander backdown the mountain we tried to follow him up.

Odie was a “gift” for my friend’s mule. That wasn’t in Odie’s plans, and he decided to make a break for it, sailing over a gate like a Grand National steeplechaser.  An overly excited Australian Shepherd, and a highly agitated mule (she was actually trying to stomp Odie!), gave wings to Odie’s little hooves, and he streaked up the side of a mountain like a….well, a goat!

My friend called, frantic, for my help, and I rushed to the rescue, such as it was.  We found the dog, Rain, immediately. Shortly thereafter, we saw Odie making his wandering way up the side of a very rocky, very steep hill.  So, we gave “chase.”  Two middle-aged women, following a small, white goat up the side of a hill, bleating.  I have no idea what we were saying in “goat-ese,” but it obviously was NOT ” Come home! Please!” What were we thinking; we were trying to chase a GOAT up the mountain!

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Animal lover, advocate and rescuer.
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