“Waving” Geese

“How windy was it?” SO windy that my friend and I watched in amazement as a flock of about 24 Canadian geese performed an ariel version of a stadium “wave!”

On their trip south, these geese use our pastures as a rest stop. There are times we may have as many as 200 geese, honking, eating, squabbling, and disturbing the little flock of ducks that reside here, as well. (And to answer the question before it is even asked, there is NO hunting allowed! Why do you think they return here, year after year?!) Yesterday, the wind was gusting so violently, that the 24, while circling to land, looked as if an invisible hand had them suspended in mid-air, with absolutely NO forward progress. The wind must have thrown in a few “curly cue” currents, because all at once, starting with the lead goose, they all undulated in a wave pattern for about 5 seconds. It was a beautiful, hilarious, open air ballet! I wonder if the geese were as amused as we were?!

Final approach and landing in the little pond were ultimately accomplished with nothing more than several ruffled feathers! God, I love this place!

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Animal lover, advocate and rescuer.
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