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Because I have seven dogs, three of whom are old, dodder-y and generally incontinent, as well as one who is still fighting the effects of a chemo treatment, I may discover, usually with my bare feet, strategically deposited piles of … Continue reading

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R.I.P. “Goldie”

Part II of the eagle saga wasn’t published in time to tell of “Goldie’s” speedy transport to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Center in South Lake Tahoe. ┬áThe levity of his delivery into very competent hands just didn’t seem appropriate, given … Continue reading

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“The Eagle Has (Been) Landed (Upon)!”- Part I

I’ve had the good fortune to rescue a variety of the wild birds indigenous to the eastern Sierras. Many hummingbirds have found their way on to my porch and into the spider webs artfully spun in the corners of the … Continue reading

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Bulls in the Bathroom

It’s that time of year again, here in the valleys of the eastern High Sierras; calving season. For me, it’s a love/hate affair. Calves are born smelling like sweet molasses, at least to me, and I love it. I can’t … Continue reading

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