Thanks be to the wizards of the computer world, I am, after nearly a FOUR year hiatus, able to write again!!! Any variation on the word “frustrate” doesn’t begin to cover my screaming, swearing and the near destruction of my laptop when I was unable to access this blog. I honestly do NOT know what happened! One day, my password was simply rejected and it was downhill from there! And, oh, I do have some stories to tell! First, however, I have to determine how to “re-find” the magic road to take to get back to this particular destination….the “writing” and “editing” place, not just the reading spot. Plus, I have to catch up on “things” I had no clue about in the first place…, how to edit, how to save, how to post photos. All child’s play, I know, to the entire world, except for me!

Hopefully, God, karma, the universe, whoever and whatever….will all allow the magical road to remain visible even in my ineptness. I must thank Paul, Justin, Robbin and Kelly for all their efforts and patience in getting me back on track! Now, I must take the chance, exit here, with a prayer for a safe return , and begin composing the tales of live in mountain lions, death…figuratively as well as literally….marriages and heartbreak, and the beauty of solitude.

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Animal lover, advocate and rescuer.
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2 Responses to FINALLY……!!!!!

  1. Charli Mills says:

    Welcome back! I look forward to your tales. I nearly fell off my chair when your blog loaded and I was looking at Job’s Peak and her little sister! Wow. A blast from a past I don’t care to relive, but I know those mountains. Good luck with your yarn-spinning!

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