The Rainbow’s Hues

Poetry is hard work. I have tried my hand at it a few times with pretty much disastrous results. However, as I found myself trying to write about my precious dogs that have passed, the words percolating in my brain formed themselves into a poem, The Rainbow’s Hues. I was never going to publish this as I thought it kinda “schmaltzy,” but these past few months saw the passing of two of my precious pups.

The week before Christmas of 2020, an awful year in so many aspects, my heart was scoured and torn as I had to have my Borgi, (a Border Collie, Corgi cross), Bovi, put to sleep. He was a grumpy old thing, but I loved him, as I have loved all my dogs, cats and any number of other species that have shared my life. However they begin the rainbow journey, naturally or with the assistance of a vet, it is a painful ordeal for those of us who love them so much.

Chuchi, my one eyed, toothless, demonic little Chihuahua, went to sleep of his own accord at about 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 5th, 2021. I happened to be in Denver airport at the time, so I wasn’t there to hold him as he stirred the rainbow colors with his little paws. My guilt would be overwhelming had my good friend, Tobie, not been with him to shepherd him on his way. She loves dogs as much as I, and I am sorry her heart had to bear the pain of his passing, but I am glad he had her to love him on over to the other side of the veil.

For my dogs, your dogs, ANY dogs, ANY animal that is making this ultimate journey, I send them back to the stardust from whence we all come with these words of love:

~The Rainbow’s hues ripple softly in your sweet, adoring eyes…As we both prepare ourselves for this most painful of goodbyes.

~Too soon this path we’ve travelled has sadly reached its end…Your new home, now, the Rainbow, my best, beloved friend.

~Can you hear the shatter of my heart? Oh, surely His angels do…Their tears mingle freely with mine, even as their arms welcome you.

~As you close your eyes, my precious one, paws stirring the colors so silently…Take with you my forever love…Your soft shroud for eternity.

~So, gently now, my sweet, dear dog, one final, earthly kiss farewell…Fly swiftly on, my heart’s treasure ….To where all God’s children dwell.

~Until our souls again entwine….I’ll seek each Rainbow’s rise…Searching for those Heavenly hues, slowly fading from your eyes. ~

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Animal lover, advocate and rescuer.
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