Message sent, received, answered.

~ Quora is an online question/answer forum where people request answers on a hugely varied range of subjects. Some of the questions are practical, philosophical, nonsensical, pornographic, or downright unintelligible. Recently, I responded to questions concerning spirits of animals, the Afterlife and Christian beliefs. From an academic standpoint, I basically know nothing, but more than one or two personal experiences have convinced me that we have another “home” beyond this planet on which we currently reside.

~One of the questions I chose to answer was, “What was said at a funeral that you will never forget?” My answer, originally published in May, I believe, of this year, follows:

~As a Christian, I have several “go to” verses in the Bible. My favorite is John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you…”

~My father passed in 2002. At the funeral home, I was introduced to the pastor, exchanging nothing more than names and receiving his condolences.

~ It is an unfortunate fact that my father, (actually, step-father), and I weren’t particularly close, but, at the same time I feared him, I respected him, and was saddened at his death.

~Alone, I went into the viewing room for one last farewell, and to tuck a card beneath his shoulder that I had written to him prior to his death, but, sadly, had not mailed in time for him to read it. As I stood there by the casket, I spoke softly to him, asking him to please let me know that he was OK, and at peace. Then, silently, I recited John 14:27, and left the room.

~At the gravesite, the pastor stood before us, Bible open, with a strange look on his face. Several seconds ticked past before he gave a shake of his head and paged through his Bible. As he stopped flipping the pages, he looked up and, with an odd twist to his lips, said, “My reading and sermon today were going to be from the book of Mark. However, I feel as if….no, I am compelled, ( his emphasis, not mine.),…” Here he gave another short, baffled shake of his head. “I am compelled to read from John.” With that, he began with, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you…” Message sent, received and answered. Thanks, Dad.

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